Friday, March 14, 2008


winter 07/08- pickled peppers and beans


  1. Hi:

    Those pickles look gorgeous, as does everything else on your site. Now if you only had a few recipes! I feel so hungry after looking at the pictures that I want to cook everything.

    I have to say you were right, your kind of food looks right up my alley. Yummy!:)

  2. thanks for your comments. maybe you are right about the recipes but i don't want to messy up the simple ingredients with a bunch of text. i find that i usually prepare things differently every time so i hesitate to say: "it's like this".

    if anyone wants me to type out a "recipe" for some of the food please just let me know and i'll be happy to put up a little word on how i made it.

    as far as the pickles go, just read the book "joy of pickling" by linda ziedrich. it answers a lot of basic questions.

    these pictures are of "fresh" type pickles made by stuffing the jars with raw ingredients (pickles, or beans + garlic, basil, chili, clove, peppercorn, mustard seed, or bay leaf... depending on the jar) and simply pouring boiling hot salted vinegar over it (apple cider, white wine, or distilled white... also, depending on the jar).

    i've found that apple cider vinegar works best in almost every situation, especially with peppers, but distilled vinegar works too.